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Sunshine room must not be too cheap, or you will find

Put a sunshine room at home,

It should be a lot

Have the wishes of the owner such as terrace, courtyard, balcony~

The sun house is now more than just a building,

It is also a kind of life that many people dream of,

Here you can see the stars at night and watch the stars change,

The world is changeable and clear in mind,

It can also cultivate sentiment and relax mood.

And the choice of sunshine room is very important

Ordinary sunshine room vs high-grade sunshine room,

It's not just the price!

Which one is more cost-effective?


1、 Sun room main frame profile PK

Ordinary sunlight room: common steel is generally used for field cutting, some of which may be stainless steel. However, when cutting on site, the antirust layer may be damaged. As time goes on, it will oxidize and rust.

Due to the special chemical properties of steel structure materials, no matter how good the stainless steel structure is, it will rust after a long time. In this way, not only does the sunlight room look beautiful, but also greatly affects its stability.

And in the heat preservation, heat insulation and other performance is almost no, and the rust of the sun room air tightness will be greatly reduced. Not only air leakage, water leakage, but also cold winter and hot summer!

High grade sunlight room: the main frame of high-grade sunlight room mostly adopts high-end brand broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and PA66 nylon heat insulation strip will be added into the broken bridge cavity to ensure the heat insulation of the sunlight room. The three-way sealing method is featured by tight sealing, good air tightness and water tightness, and superior thermal insulation performance.

In addition, aluminum alloy material is lighter than steel structure, but this does not affect its firmness and stability. It can not only achieve the load-bearing of steel structure, but also more wind and rain resistance. Moreover, the wall thickness of the main frame, especially the load-bearing beam, of the findgreen sunshine house is generally more than 2.5mm, which guarantees the load-bearing capacity of the sunlight room.

In terms of durability, the high-end sunshine room wins!

2、 Sun room installation PK

Ordinary sunshine room: another disadvantage of ordinary sunshine room is that after the owner chooses the steel structure, it needs to transport the steel to the owner's home. What size you need can only be cut on site, which will cause a lot of noise, affect your daily life, and what color you need, you must spray paint on site after cutting, which will have a great smell of chemical materials and greatly affect the quality of life.

High grade sunshine room: the difference of high-grade sunshine room is that it only needs to go to the owner's home to measure the size in advance, and the manufacturer can directly order it, and directly transport it to the owner's home for splicing during construction, which will neither produce noise nor affect your normal life.

And the appearance color can be more selective. It can be customized according to the color and effect you like. It can be sprayed in advance by the manufacturer, so as not to produce pungent chemical smell.

From the installation process, the high-grade sunshine room wins!

3、 Sunlight room glass PK

Ordinary sunshine room: ordinary toughened glass is usually inlaid, but some unscrupulous businesses attract customers with low prices in order to further save costs, and even use ordinary glass, even without toughening treatment. This is why some so-called sunshine rooms will appear high-altitude parabolic smashing glass.

High grade sunlight room: the whole glass is generally divided into two kinds

Sunlight roof glass: most of them will use toughened laminated glass. If the budget is sufficient, three layers of toughened laminated glass can be used, which can resist the attack of egg size hail.

Even if the laminated glass is broken, the whole piece of glass will still maintain the integrity of the interlayer, and the fragments and sharp small fragments will also be adhered to the film, and the broken glass surface will remain clean and smooth. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of fragment stabbing and falling objects injuring people, and ensure personal safety. Therefore, in some developed countries, such as Europe and the United States, most of the building glass is made of laminated glass, which can not only avoid a lot of safety accidents, but also have very superior seismic invasion ability.

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