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Changing terrace into sunshine room! Pay attention to 9 major problems!

Terrace refers to the open balcony, there is no roof above, generally in the top floor or villa garden floor extended out of a roof. It is very appropriate to transform such a structure into a sunlight room. What problems should be paid attention to when the balcony is built into a sunlight room?


1. Property. I have a friend who saw others build a sunshine room, which is very beautiful. He also asked someone to build one. As a result, he was found by the property and said that it was not allowed. It was an illegal building. In the end, I had to demolish it and waste fine money.

2. Load bearing, if the terrace is on the top floor, if there is no good load-bearing column below, it is recommended not to transform into a sunshine room, safety first.

3. Demand, if the above two points are OK, then you can ask the designer to help you plan the design scheme. The effect of different design requirements is certainly different. For example, you are used for fitness and entertainment or for meeting guests, leisure, office, lighting, layout, flowers and plants, materials, structure and space design are different.


4. Materials, some important materials, such as: aluminum clad wood doors and windows, coated toughened glass, skylight, sunshade system, drainage treatment and other product quality should be well controlled. It is better to choose expensive, well-known brands rather than cheap ones. Especially for glass, you should choose laminated double-layer glass or coated toughened glass. It doesn't matter if it's thicker and more expensive. It's not easy to burst and wind resistant.

5. Waterproof, sunlight room design should consider the waterproof problem, so that the water flow is reasonable and the speed is discharged. During the construction, the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction should be considered when gluing, so that in rainy days, there will be no leakage of sunlight room, and the rain water will flow down the glass, which makes people feel like being in the water curtain hole.

6. When it comes to heat preservation and winter, how to keep the sunshine room warm is very simple. In the north, you can connect the heating of the sunshine room and the living room. If you can't, you can warm the ground. But the sealing of the doors and windows of the sunshine room should be well done, and there should be no ventilation.

7. Last time I read the comment that his sunshine room is like a steamer in summer. That's because he didn't do a good job in insulation. Can do heat insulation from the following points, 1 is the glass using double insulating glass, can play a heat insulation effect. 2 is glass paste energy-saving film, can filter ultraviolet, also can heat insulation. 3 is to do a good job of ventilation, because the hot air is upward flow, you can make a few skylights on the top to let the hot air speed away. 4 is to make a double curtain, plus some green plants planted in the sunshine room, absorb carbon dioxide, also have the function of eliminating heat.

8. Ventilation, because the sun room will have a certain degree of closure, we stay in the sunshine room, to open the skylight, doors and windows, ventilation pipe, do a good job of ventilation.

9. Maintenance. Clean the glass every month. These can be done by professional cleaners to maintain the waterproof and ventilation work.

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