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Real sunshine room! Yeyon sun room!

"Architecture has life. Although it is solidified, it contains humanistic thoughts."

——I.M. Pei, academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The sunshine house originated in Europe. After Columbus discovered the new world, many tropical fruits entered Europe. However, the cold climate in Europe made it impossible for them to survive. However, the royal nobles loved these fruits very much and ordered European craftsmen to build a place where tropical plants could grow.

The sunshine room, then appeared.

The most famous sunshine room in the world is the Crystal Palace, which was born in 1851 at the first World Expo in London, England. It was originally built as an exhibition hall of the World Expo. However, at that time, it was the most successful exhibition with an area of 74000 square meters and the overall use of 84000 square meters of glass casting.

When given an architectural story, it becomes art. Ordinary architecture looks at the interior, while the artistic architecture has its own ideas.


Guoyun series sunshine room has its unique humanistic thought. Every shape, name and craft are rich in China's profound cultural heritage.

With the help of Chinese classical craft essence, the Luban lap and the tenon and mortise are integrated into one, and it is also Yin and Yang, which is in line with the ancient Yin and Yang in China.

Each national charm series sunshine room has its good wishes and implication. It is located in a corner outside the room, becoming a bright outdoor scenery. For people living indoors, it is also a good place to relax.

In addition to the original use of drying and planting flowers and plants, the sunlight room also has other functions. The sunlight room made of balcony or terrace has more space for this part. This part of space can be used as an extra rest room. It is cool and rainy. There is no need to turn on the light in the sunshine room, listen to the rain, read a book, or simply lie down for a rest, Sliding through the transparent glass, drop by drop splashed on the ground. The huge transparency makes the scenery outside the window clearly visible. The clouds in the sky are rolling a little bit of thunder, as if you are around. The fantastic scenery and the warm home complement each other, forming a beautiful picture.


Or become a restaurant for a family. The stars and moons in the evening linger in the sky with the burning clouds of the setting sun, and the table is full of delicious dishes. Maybe the craftsmanship of the lover is too good, so that the children can eat early, and ask why the stars in the sky will flash. The astronomical dream has roots in the sunshine room, and the happiness of the whole family brings the warmth and harbor that the world gives to ordinary people 。

The beauty of home lies in the happy gathering of family members, and sunshine room can share such beauty with nature, such as starlight, moon, sky, rain cloud and sunshine.

We are closely related to nature.

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